The Complete Guide to Mini Goldendoodle Haircuts

The Complete Guide to Mini Goldendoodle Haircuts

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Mini Goldendoodles are one of the most popular mixed breeds today. Their adorable, teddy bear-like appearance and friendly, lively temperament make them wonderful family companions.

However, that shaggy coat requires regular grooming and professional haircuts to keep it looking its best. Without proper trimming, their fur can easily become matted and unruly.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the most popular mini goldendoodle haircuts and styles. Learning the pros and cons of each look will help you make the best choice for your miniature goldendoodle based on their age, activity level, and grooming commitment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Puppy cuts, summer cuts, sporting cuts, and stylish cuts like the lion cut are common for mini Goldendoodles.
  • Cuts range from short and low maintenance to longer looks that require more brushing.
  • The age of the dog, climate, matting, and owner preference impact the best haircut choice.
  • Professional grooming every 6-8 weeks is recommended to maintain any cut.
  • Short cuts may not showcase the breed’s signature curly coat.

Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is one of the most popular styles for mini goldendoodle owners. As the name suggests, this shorter trim is an excellent choice for puppies and younger dogs.

This versatile cut features trim everywhere to one uniform length, typically around 1-2 inches all over the body. The face, feet, ears, and tail are rounded for an adorable puppy look. It maintains a bit of the breed’s signature curl but is much easier to brush and keep mat-free.


  • Low maintenance for brushing and grooming. The shorter length prevents painful matting common in curly coats. Less brushing is needed, making it easier on owners.
  • Helps keep energetic puppies cooler in warm weather. Puppies can overheat easily, and a shorter cut prevents them from getting hot.
  • Shows off the dog’s cute face and eyes. The rounded head accentuates the expressive eyes and nose that mini Goldendoodles are known for.


  • Loses much of the breed’s iconic curly fluff. Only about 1-2 inches of curl remains instead of the bountiful coat people expect.
  • May not be ideal for dogs who need heavier coats for insulation in cold climates. The shorter cut provides less protection from the elements.
  • Can accentuate a leggy, lanky adolescent phase before the dog fills out. Young dogs may look disproportionate for a time before reaching mature proportions.

The puppy cut is a great starter style for new mini Goldendoodle owners who want an easy-care look. Schedule professional grooming every 6-8 weeks to maintain the shape and length. In between full cuts, frequent brushing with a slicker brush and comb can extend the time between trims.

For a curly-coated puppy just starting out, a puppy cut establishes good grooming habits early on. Pups learn to tolerate brushing, blowing, and clipping in preparation for longer cuts later. Request rounded edges to accentuate the puppy features. Show photos of cuts you like to demonstrate the desired length and head shape.

Lamb Cut

The lamb cut is a medium-length style that leaves more coats than the puppy cut. It creates a soft, fluffy look inspired by the appearance of a lamb’s wool.

This cut leaves approximately 3-5 inches of full coat on the body and chest to maintain the breed’s signature curls. However, the legs are trimmed to 1-2 inches to prevent painful matting between the toes and in the armpits. The face, feet, ears, and tail are rounded to accentuate the facial features and give a pom-pom shape.


  • Maintains more of the breed’s iconic curly coat. The body fur remains at a length to allow the curls to bloom.
  • Cute, fluffy teddy bear appearance. The rounded face and legs create an adorable plush look.
  • Does not require a full shave down of the body. The body coat is kept intact, unlike short puppy cuts.


  • Higher maintenance for brushing to prevent matting. The longer coat requires thorough brushing to avoid tangled clumps.
  • Warm for dogs in hot climates. Thick coats can cause dogs to overheat in summer weather.
  • Rain and snow can latch onto the longer fur. Leg hair may get soaked or develop ice balls.

The lamb cut allows mini Goldendoodle owners to enjoy that plush, curly coat while keeping the dog’s hair at a manageable length. Schedule professional grooming every 6-8 weeks to reshape and trim leg and head hair. Daily brushing is ideal for catching tangles early. Use a slicker brush all over, followed by a comb to catch knots.

Pay close attention to keeping the legs mat-free. These areas tangle more easily. Carefully brush between toes and around joints. Keep hair trimmed above the feet for easy maintenance. For dogs in rainy or snowy regions, consider a water-resistant coat and gentle drying after walks.

Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut is a signature look for mini Goldendoodles. It accentuates the breed’s soft, fluffy coat to achieve that cute stuffed animal appearance.

This style involves keeping the body coat longer, approximately 3-5 inches in length to maintain the signature curls. However, the legs are trimmed to 1-2 inches to create a sculpted shape and prevent matting in high-friction areas.

The most distinctive feature is the rounded head and muzzle to showcase the eyes, nose, and mouth. The feet are also trimmed into rounded paws to complete the cuddly teddy bear look.


  • Emphasizes the mini golden doodle’s teddy bear qualities. The cut enhances the breed’s soft, fuzzy qualities.
  • Fuzzy, friendly expression on the face. The rounded head and muzzle bring out the expressive eyes.
  • The body coat maintains signature curls. Keeps the coat long enough to hold the curls.


  • Higher maintenance like the lamb cut. Daily brushing is a must to prevent matting.
  • Legs may get cold more easily when trimmed short. Consider leg coverings in cold climates.
  • The round head needs frequent reshaping. The head shape will grow out quickly and hide eyes.

The teddy bear style is perfect for playful, fluffy mini Goldendoodles who love attention. Schedule professional grooming every 4-6 weeks to maintain the precise face and feet shaping. Use a wire slicker brush and metal comb daily to prevent matting of the body coat between full grooming sessions.

Pay close attention to keeping the rounded head shape to avoid obstructing the eyes. Bring photos of cuts you like to show the groomer the desired look. Some dogs may even require biweekly face touch-ups to keep the eyes visible.

Sporting Cut

The sporting cut is a short, sleek style often requested for active mini Goldendoodles. It provides a neat, streamlined look from head to toe.

This cut trims the body fur close to the skin at a uniform half-inch to one inch all over. The legs, tail, and head are trimmed even shorter. The sporting cut showcases muscle tone while allowing freedom of movement.


  • Low maintenance, easy brushing
  • Cool for athletic dogs
  • Shows off fitness and physique


  • Loses much of the breed’s signature coat
  • Little insulation for cold temperatures
  • Can expose patchy skin if the coat is sparse

The sporting cut is great for energetic mini Goldendoodles who love running, swimming, and action. It requires professional grooming every 4-6 weeks to reshape as the short hair grows quickly. Use a short-bristle brush weekly to refresh the sleek coat.

Owners of therapy and service dogs may also prefer this efficient look. Show photos of the desired style, as some groomers default to overly extreme clips. Schedule a maintenance visit between full grooming to tidy the face and feet. Apply sunscreen if swimming to prevent burning of the skin through the short coat.

A brown dog is standing in the grass with its tongue out in a Complete Guide to Mini Goldendoodle Haircuts.

Stylish Cuts

In addition to conventional clips, there are a variety of stylish, fashionable cuts that creative owners request for their mini Goldendoodles. Two popular options are the lion cut and the moose cut.

The lion cut trims the body short, usually around 1/2 inch, while leaving fuller hair on the legs, tail, head, and chest ruff to resemble a male lion’s mane. This style requires careful sculpting and layering for dramatic effect.


  • Distinctive, eye-catching look that stands out
  • Lower maintenance trimming of the body hair
  • Showcases the head structure and long legs of the breed


  • Extreme style not suited for every dog’s proportions
  • Requires an experienced, skilled groomer to execute properly
  • The ruff and leg hair still require frequent brushing

The moose cut mimics the appearance of the large North American game animal. It leaves length on the body, legs, and rump, approximately 2-3 inches while giving the head a rounded, sculpted look.


  • Maintains more of the breed’s signature curly body coat
  • Cute, novelty appearance perfect for themed photo shoots
  • Easier DIY styling than the lion cut’s precision


  • Higher maintenance if the body coat is not brushed frequently
  • Leg hair is also prone to matting if not brushed
  • The rounded head shape needs frequent touch-ups

Stylish cuts allow expressive mini Goldendoodle owners to show off their dog’s personality through fun, eye-catching clips. Schedule professional grooming every 4-6 weeks. Bring clear reference photos from multiple angles and clarify exactly what parts of the body to trim or leave full.

For both cuts, be prepared to do some finish tidying yourself between full grooming sessions. Carefully round the head shape and trim leg fur as needed to prevent matting and maintain the style’s intended shape.

Please let me know if this level of detail and expansion is satisfactory! I can provide more examples if needed.

Summer Cuts

Warmer weather calls for careful grooming considerations for mini Goldendoodles. Their thick, dense coats can quickly become uncomfortably hot in high temperatures.

Some owners opt for a summer cut to help keep their dogs cooler. This involves trimming the coat shorter all over, typically 1-2 inches in length. The legs, belly, and groin may be taken even shorter to around 1/2 inch to prevent overheating in friction areas.


  • Helps prevent overheating on hot days. Shorter hair doesn’t insulate heat next to the skin.
  • Makes brushing and bathing easier. Fewer coat tangles and dries faster.
  • Dries faster after swimming. Prevents a heavy, wet coat that takes time to dry.


  • Loses much of the breed’s coat volume and curl. The cut is too short to allow curls to bloom.
  • Less insulation for skin without fur protection. Dogs may need sunscreen when outdoors.
  • May not grow back with the same curl. Coat texture can change if cut very short.

An overall shorter cut is ideal for hot, humid climates to allow maximum air circulation. It shields dogs from sun exposure but avoids excessive warmth. Schedule professional grooming every 4-6 weeks to maintain shape as the summer cut grows rapidly. Use a slicker brush to run over the body weekly to refresh the coat between cuts.

Owners can also request a shorter version of a specific style, like a 1-inch puppy or teddy bear cut instead of 2+ inches for summer. Take care not to accidentally remove too much coat – it may not grow back the same.

Finding the Right Cut

Choosing the perfect mini goldendoodle haircut involves considering your climate, lifestyle, and grooming commitments. Age also plays a role, as puppy cuts suit young dogs well.

No matter the style, most dogs need professional grooming every 6-8 weeks. Daily brushing is ideal, especially for longer cuts prone to matting. Invest in quality brushes and combs suited for curly coats.

When scheduling appointments, show your groomer photos of mini Goldendoodle cuts you like. Explain which parts of the body you want longer or shorter. Ask questions if you are unsure about anything being done.

With a good groomer and proper home care, your mini Goldendoodle will shine in any cut. Pay attention to their comfort level and watch for signs of overheating. Adjust length accordingly between seasons.

Most importantly, make grooming a positive experience full of praise and treats. Handling exercises at home will ensure fidgeting is minimal for professional styling. A beautiful coat starts with patience and care.

I hope this guide has helped you understand the most popular mini goldendoodle haircut options. Let those curls shine in a style that suits your pup perfectly!

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